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Services and Prices

Prices for quilting are computed using the size of the quilt in square inches.
To compute the number of square inches, find the height and the width of the quilt (at their tallest and widest parts):
number of square inches = height x width

Quilting Services

  Standard edge-to-edge on Statler   $.02/sq in
  Overall with borders & trimouts   $.04/sq in
       * Pattern not in inventory   $15.00
  Custom quilting   $.05/sq in
  Minimum quilting charge   $60.00/pc

Batting – Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom Cotton Blend

  Width 96″ (per linear inch)  $0.30
  Width 120″ (per linear inch)  $0.35

Backing  (per yard)

 110″ muslin white/natural  $12.50/yd

Thread (per quilt)

 80″ width and over  $10.00/pc
 Less than 80″ width  $5.00/pc

Special Services

 Binding  $.50/in
 Ironing  $25/pc
 Piecing  $50/pc