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Types of Machine Quilting


When a pattern is used as a guide for quilting, it is known as edge-to-edge. There are many patterns available and new ones are always being created. These can be re-used countless times and this type of quilting is usually the fastest, because a single pattern is repeated throughout a quilt. Quilters who would like to achieve a beautiful finish to their work, but want to limit the cost will be very happy with pantograph. Old Town Quilting does edge-to-edge finishing using their new Statler Stitcher with over 400 patterns to choose from.


Custom or Heirloom is not based upon an existing pattern. The quilter creates a unique design for each quilt and operates the machine freemotion without using a pattern. Freemotion is more time-consuming and requires more artistry and experience from the machine quilter. When done well however, Custom/Heirloom work results in beautiful pieces with greatly increased value. Sharon has been doing Custom/Heirloom quilting for over 9 years.

When the quilter uses the machine to create a continuous line of quilting, this is known as meandering. Meandering can vary from simple to quite complex depending on the client’s desires.